Having a Fabulous Career!

Your Blueprint for Becoming the Boss You Were Meant to be | taught by Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes

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The Having a Fabulous Career! Master Class Is a 9 week virtual leadership development program designed for women who want to take their career to the next level, but don’t know where to begin!She wants to be a B.O.S.S.!A woman who Boldly Owns the Secret of her Success!—Her Fabulous! This system helps aspiring, emerging, and established leaders to increase their power of influence and expand their capacity to achieve.

This system is designed for women in the many stages of finding their fabulous:

  • A BOSS on the Rise:You aspire to be a leader, but don’t have a formal leadership positions yet. You need building blocks to position yourself for leadership opportunities.You are looking for guidance on how to build relationships and skills that will sharpen your leadership skills—ASPIRING
  • A BOSS on the Move:You are a “new” leader.You have recently attained a leadership position or you are struggling in a leadership role.You have a leadership position, but need to grow your influence, increase your effectiveness, and improve your professional relationships—EMERGING
  • The BOSS: You are an established leader and you may even be at the pinnacle of your career, but want more! You want to expand your capacity.You may have an interest in becoming an entrepreneur, creating new opportunities for yourself or others at your current employer or even changing careers.You are ready for greater challenges!) PINNACLE
  • Ready to be your own BOSS! (You are ready to become an entrepreneur.It is only a matter of time.You want to be sure that you have the mental stamina, relationship maturity, and self-discipline to become your own boss.) LEAPER

The Having a Fabulous Career! Master Class is for you if you want:

  • Laser sharp vision for your life and career
  • Sharpened Confidence
  • Improved Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Personalized Pathway to Life Balance
  • Defined Purpose
  • Proficiency in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Defined Fabulous Personal and Professional Image
  • Plan for Personal and Professional Development
  • Blueprint for Creating Opportunity
  • Foundation for Consistent Goal Accomplishment

The Having a Fabulous Career!Master Class includes:

  • 9 Convenient On-Demand Online Courses
  • 1 Downloadable Workbook (includes 25 individual worksheets)
  • Private Facebook Accountability Group
  • 3 Accountability Calls (Group Call with Fabulous Career Strategist, Stephanie Barnes Taylor)

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes
Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes
Fabulous Career Strategist

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes is the CEO of The Fruition Group, LLC, a company that specializes in personal excellence, leadership and strategic planning solutions. She is a Harvard educated attorney and former health care executive.  During her tenure as a corporate executive, she acquired skills that have enabled her to personally develop leadership skills in aspiring leaders and professionals. Throughout her vast career, she has gained experience in organizational and leadership development, project management and corporate strategic planning activities. Her passion is to inspire excellence in others.  Stephanie is a woman who sees the possibility in life and embraces the opportunity to excel.  She has a proven track record of coaching and transforming employees into high-producing leaders. Stephanie is the Founder of the C-Suite Women’s Movement—where women are the CEO of their lives! Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes is also a published author and has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Personal Excellence Magazine, and the Huffington Post. She is an internationally recognized speaker and leadership expert and TEDx presenter. More information regarding her books and blog series can be found at www.drstephaniedbarnes.com.

Dr. Stephanie Barnes Taylor

Fabulous Career Strategist

Fabulous University, President and Founder

(855) 7-FABYOU


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Having a Fabulous Career! Your Blueprint to Becoming the BOSS You Were Meant to Be Overview
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